About Me



My name IIR PRIHATINAWATI. I am Indonesian and trained in Bali, Peterborough, Jakarta, Cambridge, London, and Edinburgh. I moved to Cambridge in summer 2015. I am a vinyasa certified yoga teacher and Forrest yoga.

I began my yoga journey early in my life to help with asthma, gradually evolving into regular practice. I have been practicing yoga for more than half of my life and I never plan to be a yoga teacher. 

Bali, 2015 I am qualified to teach Vinyasa from Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) International. August 2016, I completed Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and Jose Caralo and Sandra Robinson as the lead assistant - where I met Sitta Mennon, Finley Thomas Wilson, Kristi Mae, Clare Mace, Rosalind Southward, which I found deeply empowering. Winter 2016, I continue Forrest Yoga with Jambo Dragon Yoga, for Functional Anatomy followed with CET mentorship (Continuing Education for teachers) . November 2017 I was qualified as Yoga Bodyworkers and Myofascial release from Yoga Bodyworkers Training London at Peckham Rye, host by Brian Campbell and Jambo Dragon School with Nancy Goodell as the lead asistant.


December 2017, I assisted  and translate for Yoga Bodyworkers training Jakarta part 1, followed with translating and getting my qualification on Foundation Training Forrest Yoga Teacher , Bali March 2018, lead by Sinhee Yee and Jambo Truong, with the magnificent anatomy teacher Ellen Heed - with Rosalind Southward as the lead assistant where I met Darin Volweiler, Alis Atagnan, Rosie Volcanoe, Beth Borowasky, Nick Heng, Suil Ye. March -April 2018, I was attending and partly assisting Yoga Bodyworker Training Bali for Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong.


Cambridge April 2018, I was an assistant for Forrest Yoga and Yoga Bodyworkers workshops in Camyoga for Jambo Dragon School . I continue my journey with Forrest Yoga  300hr CET, module of Anatomy and physiology (April 2018) with Jambo Dragon School - by Jambo's invitation and courtesy. June 2018,  I was trained for Yoga Bodyworkers Part 2 with Brian Campbell and Jambo Dragon School by their invitations. I continue with Forrest Yoga Mentorship programme  with Brian and Jambo in July 2018 in Edinburgh -  by Brian Campbell and Jambo where I was also their assistant in their 2 days weekend workshop in Edinburgh for Forrest Yoga and Bodywork with Leith Yoga. The trainings itself I found immensely challenging and empowering, in the way of opening my perspective, refining and sharpening my skills.


As I came back to Cambridge, I straight  Jambo  for Functional Anatomy in July 2018 at Stretch Yoga London for their teacher training. In August 2018 I continue my journey with Forrest Yoga 300hr CET module Ceremony, Spirituality and Meditation invited by courtesy of Jambo Dragon School. Early this year, 2020, I had been Brian Campbell assistant for Forrest Yoga and Yoga Bodyworker workshop at Indaba Yoga London. 


Meanwhile - I am still under the mentorship of Brian and Jambo while continue building up business and community of yoga, bodywork and meditation as well as being a single mum.  The trainings and  mentorship, as well as their kind opportunities I had received in such short period of time proven had  finest my skills as a teacher, a bodyworker, a parent, and a decent compassionate human being (I hope). With that, I put my heart in my hands in everything I do as much as I could, may it teaching, assisting, and as a bodyworkers, or as my daily life  as I touch things and people around me.

With my passion to learn and philosophy of constantly being a student in life, I continue  attending workshops and trainings from world-known teachers to improve my practice and teaching skills such as David Swenson’s visit in Cambridge, Leslie Kaminof, Jason Crandell, Alexandra Crow, Marcus Veda, Doug Swenson, Dylan Werner, Michael James Wong, and the list is endless. I intend to continue doing this because I believe one can not give from an empty cup. In recent day, I had follower Deepak Chopra live lectures which I found immensely deep in explaining philosophical phenomenon and clear guidance in deep meditation. 

Prior becoming a yoga teacher, I have graduated from linguistic and literature as my Bachelor degree, and psychology of Education as my master degree. I taught, translated, and interpret lndonesian-English and English-Indonesian for 12 years. I have taught Australian Federal Police, Departement of Foreign Affairs of Australia, British, and New Zealand, World Bank, WHO, Australian Air Force, CIFOR, ABC news, museum curators, book writers, researchers, students, businesspeople, while at the same time raising my first son and finishing my degree. 


Teaching is something I am very familiar with. I bring my understanding of progression into my classes. I break poses into smaller components and sequence mindfully and intelligently to reach a peak of the practice, with strong emphasis on the breath-movement connection, integrity and mindfulness. I put into equations the people that comes to the classes to give as many options as posible for everyone to access and progress - in their own pace, so yoga become a pleasant journey to rediscover the connection - yoke (sanskrit) - inwardly and outwardly.



Everyone follow their own journey in life and in yoga, but all living bodies are a wonder. Appreciate yours not what it can’t do, but for what it can.

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