is a hands on approach combining myofascial release, deep tissue massage, intuitive and skilful touches and pressures to work on places that have issues, tenderness, discomfort, or pain in the body. Lead by the breath, we will enter the zone of observant in our body. 


It is a technique based on evidence and the latest finding in biomechanic and injury related. By recognizing which places in the body that pull together and shortened or over stretch and weak, we can understand and feel why in some part of the body become create instable or limited. Using the myofascial release technique, as well as intuitive caress and basic understanding of structural of our functional anatomy, we can improve these places and bring them back into their equilibrium state.


We will start with a conscious and relax breathing. I will breath with you, be part of your team. I will work with your body respectfully and almost meditatively, to listen carefully of your body cues, how it feels, how it reacts, and value it as if its my own


Myofascial Release

I will listen to your cues about where at do you want me to work on, although sometime I will also work on somewhere else. More often than not, the places we felt discomfort are the symptoms rather than the cause. Together we will try to find the place where the root of the discomfort coming from.

Each session of bodywork is a safe space where we can connect within our body, releasing the tension and burden we carry. I am not trying to fix you, I am trying to become your team. To breath together with you, to feel your tensions under my fingertips, to follow your body cues. To make you feel supported, so you can feel safe, relax, and  relieved.

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