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A Key To The Heart - Chest Opening and Back Bending Workshop

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150 minutes dedicated practice for lifting the heart and liberating the mind.

The best way to start your new year, to put your intents and gear up for your practice.

The heart centre is the key. When we feel confident, loved, warm, accepted, we lifted up the chest and our posture all perfectly lift up and erect. When we feel down, depressed, stress, our heart is the first thing we close down, and then follow our spine. Our body reacts to how our mind feels, but what if we change the system? What if we change the body first, to be lifted up and lengthen and erec, will our mind work as if we are happy and content?

Create the magic within you by courageously lifting the chest, opening the heart, warming the smile, and lift up, physically and emotionally. Feel how your body movements send the same messages to your brain once you adjusted your postures. Sudenly we will feel more positie, confidents, happy, content.

Starting the class with warming up of side body as well as our front part, continue with building the strength in the front part so we are not putting all the pressure in lower back. IT IS NOT back bend ONLY, it is a chest opening most of all. Learn the basic technic to reduce the pressure in the lower back, instead we will spread the curve to all of our spine with keeping the stability from all the muscles required. 

We will deconstruct our body movement and understand which muscle needed to engage as our stabilizer and which muscles needed to be lengthen. Once we understand this, we will heat up with vinyasa and standing series follow with playing in deep chest opening (and back bending) - steadily and safely.

With the constant connection with our breath and our mind, we will mindfully decide how far we would like to go. Bear in mind, that every achievement no matter how far – (whether you decide to go deep on stay in your comfort zone) – are still achievements and we have to embrace it and celebrate it. After all, the willingness and the ability to learn is a great skill that we need to nurture and cherished.

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