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In Search of Tranquility

"The greatest power is not how to overpowering others -

but rather how to observed the fluctuation of one's mind

and become the master of it." zen proverb

I saw the news recently and I wonder how these COVID19 had given impact to many layers of people's life and how this will change our global society. I wonder in what way - and how we can contribute to chill our world down.

Coming from living with asthma conditions - I know what it means with “respiratory” problems, and how it impacted my life. I had been diagnosed with anxiety and panic a year ago (not anymore) post crucial changes in my life - a break down of marriage. I had as well a surgery interventions many years back for acute respiratory infections, sinuses interventions, bronchial issues - you name it. I know how breathing can become very crucial and how panicking it could feels when our breathing constricted.

Like now as I write this, I can hear my children breathe and I can assess that they are sleeping well, and I am happy. These also effects how I am breathing, how I process stimulus. Life is becoming much simpler when your loved ones are happy - and for people with breathing issues like me, some tangible things such as dust or polands triggers inflammations in my throats, but those intangible ones - memories, worries in many different ways, that trigger even more.

For a year, I had several panic and anxiety attack. It altered me physically and shaken me to my bones because I could not breathe. But by constantly watching the fluctuations of my mind without disregarding my own feelings and accepting the honesty of my own feelings, I slowly able to unwind. In a year time - I have no longer any panic or anxiety attack - although worries and anxious still colouring my days, like every one is. I had been very diligent with my meditation practices, connect to what my soul longing to, and feeling up my days with quality times with things that matters for me - because doing everything is simply impossible. Through constant learning - I had been able to watch the fluctuation of my mind.

Being aware of my own thoughts, able to write my own worries, my own thoughts, I manage to go through it. Alhough - I kind of able to get the glimpse of how perhaps the situations of this pandemic might induce the panic and euphorias of anxiety to most of us. For me, who just had a big life changes in my life and overcome the anxiety - I perhaps see it in different way. If this is the last few months of our life - what would we do? Would we ended up with bulk buying and stocking up? Or would we be just enough having as we normally have but rather - be connected to people that are matters, give support and being supported in this time of hardness rather than all about me attitude, doing things we like most, leaving legacy that perhaps we could look behind - that in those dificult time, we try our best to stay sane in such circumstances - thinking in much bigger pictures rather than just in that time.

Saying that - some of my yoga classes now also being moved to online via zoom - with donation based. First schedule is this coming Tuesday 5.30 pm and Saturday 10 am. Meditation classes is Sunday 10 am. All via zoom, so if you are intereseted in finding this tranquility - email me to to get the personalized zoom link. Follow me in my instagram account asianjasmineyoga or facebook account to get regular glimps of what we can do to support each other in this time of uncertainty.

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