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Word of mouth

Here are some of the generous words from yoga students on their experience of practicing with me


"Iir is an excellent teacher. She breaks down poses and explains how to do them bit by bit. She won't let you risk your body in any way that might not be safe for you, which I greatly appreciate. But she enables you to challenge yourself within your personal reach. This year, I am so amazed that I have learned how to do a headstand safely and properly. I would never have risked doing this before meeting Iir. Inspirational woman!"

Julia Caddick


"I ALWAYS come out of Iir's class with a big smile on my face! The class has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and Iir's open and kind personality and easy smile make you feel at ease no matter what your level in yoga. Every class is different but you can be sure that Iir will guide you through it and encourage you to be aware of your body, while also having fun. It is by far the best way to heal any aches and pains, both of the body and the mind, and then to strengthen them."

Carmen Panayi


"I have been doing weekly yoga with Iir and I enjoyed them immensely.
Her classes are inspiring and challenging. She is very well tuned to the abilities of her students, and helps you grow at your own pace.
What I especially liked is how she explains a little more to the background of yoga in a very down-to-earth way. Iir is an amazing woman. Every single time I have left her class in a happier and calmer state than when I entered. "

Meri Orth


"I have started yoga almost a year ago with Iir; and I have not only found a wonderful practice but also a friendly space where I can challenge and learn to know myself.
Since attending Iir's classes, I feel better in my body and in my mind. I am stronger and more flexible physically but also more at peace with myself than I have ever been!
Iir is a fantastic teacher, very supportive and patient for everyone!"

Emily Cloup


"Iir is an excellent yoga teacher; knowledgable, experienced, intelligent, and always well prepared for a class. Her classes often take me to where I thought my physical limit was and then gently beyond, so I have a feeling of discovery and of progressing. In addition, the spirit of open-heartedness, acceptance and fun which Iir radiates and engenders means that her classes are not just full of serious endeavour, but also a real pleasure."

Charlie Mattar


"ir is without doubt the best yoga teacher I have ever had :)
She is full of passion and joy, patient and encouraging!
Her classes are a wonderful and challenging workout, teaching not only to listen to one’s own body and to be appreciative for its capabilities, but also to embrace life and be thankful for all that is given to us!
I always leave her classes so much happier, and filled with gratefulness!"

Theresa Maier


"Iir is an energetic volcano and after her yoga classes you will definitely feel something good has happened in your body at each time. After one hour with her, my body is always grateful and my mind always smiling. I've been looking for an inspiring teacher for some time in Cambridge and found the right vibes in Iir. Join!"

Dea Rakovac


Wonderful teacher and a highly variable class for yogis of any level. Iir creates a beautiful flow with the right attention to detail which leaves me energised and feeling strong after each class. I've done yoga before in various private settings and it's a blessing to have found her in Cambridge. Highly recommended.

Lisa Huber


"I absolutely love Iir's classes - challenging but supportive, she encourages you to listen to your body and its limits but also to stretch your capabilities, always in a safe way. She's also seriously one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet - her joy in yoga and in life is infectious, and I always leave the class with a smile on my face!"

Clare Dyer-Smith


"Iir's classes are the first classes that I had been going to consistently: sessions with her are fun and always come out feeling happu and stronger in body and soul. Her classes are varied, but alwayas designed to guide you steadily through the poses. She encourages you to develop awareness for your body, and to connect with it in such way so that you can progress in tiur practice in sayety and enjoyment. I have been impressed that with the switch to online classes due to covid, Iir has managed to continue to give support nd gyidance, as well as to bring her positivity and warmth, as she did when in person. I thourughly recomended Iir's classes for you beginners and exoerienced yoga practice alike 

Roman Kayan

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