Yoga Private Sessions

If you feel you are in need of a more focussed attention, either starting your journey in yoga, advancing your journey, need a help with some mobility in some part of your body, or even just to improve a general health and well being, do not hesitate to contact me.


I teach 1:1 and group private classes which are designed to suit your specific needs and goals. From time to time my regular students book a private class with the aim to enhance their practice by overcoming their most challenging obstacles, working on some of the intricate details of muscular engagement or breaking down particularly challenging postures - the list is endless! They also referred their loved ones for gaining the benefit in yoga, booking for family sessions and special occasions for friends. So give it a try, you will be surprised at the end of the class to notice how much actually private session will improve your practice, your well being, and your general mobility.

Hear what one of my student said:

"I was drawn to yoga through the enthusiasm of my partner, and a creeping awareness that my general flexibility wasn't improving with age. I'll admit to being slightly unsure about whether it was the right thing for me -- I'm happy mindlessly pedalling a bike, but don't view myself as hugely coordinated. Iir has an amazing talent for making people feel accepted, confident and welcome which gave me the confidence to keep going to her regular classes. 

My partner, Lisa, suggested we try some private lessons, partly because our schedule meant I wasn't able to make a number of the regular Friday sessions. Iir's focus is always on the small details to get particular positions 'right' -- she combines a thorough knowledge of how the body works with clear explanations and directions which suddenly transform what you are doing. Experiencing this in a private lesson gives the time and focus which is never going to be possible in a larger group, and is such a good match for Iir's teaching-style. This is combined with her natural energy and warmth which brings the class to life.

I would absolutely recommend Iir's private classes -- Iir's focus means that my learning has been greatly accelerated and even if I don't get things right every time, I know what I'm aiming for. Having direct time has also given me more chance to ask questions and really understand what I'm doing, rather than just watching others and trying to keep up. Iir's encouragement, and energy has been fundamental to a very positive first experience of yoga for me." Richard Kirby, June 2017.

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