Vinyasa - Forrest - Core Strength

I teach three different styles, Vinyasa or flow, Forrest Yoga, and Core Strength (which is deeply similar to Forrest Yoga). I teach beginner, intermediate and advance  classes in public group setting as well as in corporate and private settings.


Practised to build up heat & to gain strength. Vinyasa sequence (downward dog – plank – chaturanga – cobra/upward dog) done repeatedly to reset between poses and heat up the body. There is no set poses – it depends on what we are working on and what is the class like.  I offer modifications where students can stop at any stage where they feel comfortable, or perhaps go further to try the full expression of the pose, so long as they make that decision cautiously and mindfully.


Designed by Ana Forrest for working and addressing the physical as well as the mental aspect of the practice. As well as working with the muscles in the similar fashion as in the classical Hatha and Vinyasa, Forrest focusses on strengthening the abdominals, back, and shoulders while at the same time releasing the built-up tension, particularly in the neck. Practitioners are encouraged to use deep breath throughout the practice, and holding the postures for a bit longer. The cues are details and particulars which help practitioners to be more aware in with what is going on physically and mentally within themselves


Building core strength and combining it in the flow. We are working in the details of the basic of core engagement, shoulder and back muscle integration, before knitting them all together in the flow. Suitable for beginner and improvers, or for those who are willing to go back to basic and pay intention closely to the technic.

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